Philadelphia International Airport

Leasing Overview

Ringing Up Revenues!

The millions of travelers and employees using Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) each year translate into high volume retail traffic for the Airport’s shopping and dining venues. Here are some vital statistics about PHL and its strong base of likely buyers:

  • More than 30 plus million passengers travel through PHL annually, ranking the airport 19th in passenger traffic among the nation’s top 100 airports.
  • 82,000 plus passengers daily
  • 20,000 airline and airport employees populate the airport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • PHL boasts approximately 500 flights daily to 120 destinations.
  • PHL is served by 13 airlines.
  • 78% of all passengers originating in Philadelphia arrive at the airport two hours or more ahead of their scheduled flight departure time.
  • 57% of all connecting passengers spend two hours or more in the Airport.
  • Approximately 33% of passengers are traveling for business (67% personal).
  • In 2016, sales averaged $1,131 per square foot, with 47% of tenants exceeding $1,200 per square foot.

The average PHL passenger demographics are higher than for most mall shoppers:

  • Annual household income between $100,000-$149,000
  • 46% professional or executive
  • Median age between 55 – 65 and married 61%

The Philadelphia Metro Market boasts remarkable attributes:

  • Population: 6.1 million people
  • $312 billion in annual retail sales
  • 4th largest retail market in the U.S.
  • Home to many Fortune 500 and international companies
  • Over 100 colleges and universities with an annual enrollment exceeding 295,000 fulltime-equivalent students
  • City of Philadelphia population: 1.5 million