MarketPlace Development brings our deep experience and thorough understanding of the challenges of airport retail to the quality development and management of airport concessions programs. We achieve our successes through in-depth expertise that includes – but goes beyond – planning and analysis, tenant outreach and leasing, design and construction management, retail management, and marketing and customer service.

Planning and Development

Our keen grasp of airport concessions and passenger behavior informs our planning and development activities and furnishes us with the skills to provide master planning services, sizing analysis, merchandising and space planning financial projections, capital budgeting, financing, market research, and transition planning.

Tenant Outreach and Leasing

MarketPlace’s thorough and transparent tenant outreach and leasing initiatives result in concessions programs that offer the traveling public national brands and local favorites while creating opportunities for many local and ACDBE businesses to expand into the airport industry. Our 20+ years of experience in airport retail leasing, combined with the experience and vision of our parent company New England Development, provide us with the contacts and expertise to lease successfully in airports across the country.

Design and Construction Management

Our collaborative approach to the complex design and construction management requirements of concessions development involves close coordination with the airport/airline owner, its architectural and engineering team, the base building contractor, building inspectors and our tenants, along with their designers and contractors. We are experts at providing base-building design and construction services plus comprehensive tenant coordination services.

Retail Management

Constant attentiveness to operations, merchant performance, and customer service characterize MarketPlace’s effective management of airport concessions programs. Financial controls and accounting, lease administration, ACDBE and street pricing compliance review, operations management, design and refurbishments coordination, specialty leasing, and marketing and customer service are just some of the many services we provide, in addition to more specialized areas of expertise including security badging procedures and delivery and distribution systems.

Marketing and Customer Service

Quality customer service is one of the most important factors affecting a passenger’s experience at the airport, as is their awareness of the airport’s variety of shops, eateries and services. As such, we place a premium on implementing customer service training programs for our merchants and implementing multi-channel marketing programs that include marketing collateral, advertising, press releases, social media, websites, special events, construction barricade graphics, and more.