MarketPlace Development’s principals – many of whom have been with MarketPlace Development for over 15 years – are uniquely positioned to help airport and airline clients address and solve the complex issues presented by today’s ever changing aviation industry. They are respected nationwide for creating and managing memorable airport retail programs and understanding the unique challenges and opportunities of airports and their numerous stakeholders.

MarketPlace Development is led by President and co-founder Paul O. McGinn and by Executive Vice President Michael DiCosola. Board members include co-founder Robert M. Weinberg, President of MarketPlace Development Boston, LLC; Stephen R. Karp, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer of New England Development, MarketPlace Development’s parent company; and Steven S. Fischman, Vice Chairman of New England Development.

MarketPlace succeeds in our concessions development and management projects by retaining quality and committed staff experienced in the varied disciplines required by the unique airport retail industry. We believe in having the highest quality management team on site with solid retail and airport backgrounds. Our general managers and staff are experienced in developing close relationships with the airports’ stakeholders, including airport and airline staff, tenants, customers, and the community. Each of our airport projects is led by talented individuals with in-depth expertise in retail and airports.